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What does the month of April mean to you?

If you said beautiful spring, start of the warm weather, daffodils, or the Easter bunny, you are surely a New Englander. If you also said, financial literacy or Earth Day, you have been paying attention in class! And the Gold Star goes to those of you who correctly remembered that it is Finhive’s 4th birthday! Finhive turns 4 this month and we couldn't be prouder of everything that we have accomplished. Keeping with our core mission of financial literacy, we have been busy holding classes for teenagers, young adults, and adults. In this time, our offerings have grown from personal finance to now include entrepreneurial finance classes, and our class roster has grown from mostly Greater Boston to national and more recently international students. Also, in line with the Earth Day theme of Finhive’s birth month, this year we have launched our Sustainable Investing series. I joined the Town of Wellesley’s Sustainable Wellesley panel in January, sponsored Sustainability Conference 2021 at Babson College in March, spoke about the significance of sustainability from the beginning with Startup founders in early April, and later this month on Earth Day we will continue the discussion on this important topic with a class on Sustainable Investing open to our community (see details below). There is certainly a lot more on both financial literacy and sustainability that we can do, so stay tuned and I will keep you all posted with the latest updates! [ICYMI] Financial Literacy month special events. Talking about the importance to financial literacy with parents of college bound kids - April 23rd. Finhive is proud to partner with Money Smart Week! A week of virtual long campaign to help build financial capability - April 11 to 17th. Details here.

Full details of all programs also available on the website - Programs | Finhive

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