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Importance of Skilling

Updated: Mar 27

At Finhive, our social mission is to empower individuals and small businesses with financial literacy and business skills to help them succeed. We are helping them improve their personal finance, grow their business, and invest in their future.

So, last week it was encouraging to hear the message of skilling from two inspirational leaders – Consul General of India (New York) Binaya Srikanta Pradhan (at US-India Strategic Partnership Forum lunch) and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (at New England Council breakfast). At first glance, it might seem that these leaders represent very different constituencies, but they both talked about the importance of skilling for the success of their respective communities. India has a world-class higher education system in medicine, engineering, computer science, and more. I was happy to hear that the government is now joining with universities to build a robust program for job-ready skills. Similarly, City of Boston has partnerships with universities and community colleges to provide practical, hands-on skills so the students can avail themselves of job opportunities at various skill levels.

I feel fortunate to have lived in two great cities – Delhi and Boston – that have the best education ecosystems in the world. I look forward to leveraging these roots and continuing Finhive’s social mission of expanding the skills of communities in both countries.


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