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Women Leading Change

What do you get when you add 400 attendees to a sunny warm day in February? You get positive energy! And that is what I was surrounded by as a first time speaker at the Women of Isenberg Conference this past weekend. 

I was impressed to find out that it was entirely student run from planning to execution. I had the opportunity to interact with several students and loved their professionalism, enthusiasm and passion. They managed a big conference with high quality speakers from big brand companies.

I enjoyed sharing my perspectives on building a long-term career, transitioning into entrepreneurship and interacting with my fellow panelists from EY, UBS, and Raytheon. I hope our message of taking control of their career and advocating for themselves resonated with the attendees. A huge shoutout to Jasmine Nguyen for moderating our session. You were awesome!

Thank you WOI conference team for putting together such an amazing event and I hope to be back next year!


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