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Know Your Numbers

Entrepreneurship is one of the most empowering financial steps that women can take. However, the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not always straightforward, and there is a steep learning curve involved.
Your business likely stemmed from a personal passion that you wanted to share with the world. Once you decide to monetize and make a living from that passion, things get a little more complicated. Now, you have to focus on pricing, profits and cash flow. You have to produce financial statements and accurately forecast your financial future. And if you don’t have a background in business, you might struggle to understand the jargon itself, let alone implement necessary financial strategies.


Finhive is passionate about improving business owners’ financial knowledge. Our financial literacy programs are designed to help all female entrepreneurs make smarter financial decisions for their businesses. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an established business owner looking for innovative strategies to improve your company’s performance, Finhive can help.

Our signature program for women entrepreneurs is the Know Your Numbers course, which is designed to help women prioritize the financial health of their business. We have created a thriving community around this course, which we call Bizhive. This tight-knit group of female entrepreneurs allows women to share their successes and failures and offer advice so we can all learn from each other. Together, we work to demystify financial jargon, appreciate our financial numbers and build confidence in our financial acumen.

Program Details

Our mission is to prioritize the financial health of your business so that you can thrive. This safe community of women entrepreneurs is designed to help you:


Demystify financial jargon so you can master your financials

Get to know and APPRECIATE your numbers

Build confidence in your financial acumen

Learn from each other and address your most pressing finance issues

6-week program meets 2 times a week: 1 hour class and 1 hour live Q&A.

Here’s the sample schedule. 
Week 1 - Profitability Confidence
Week 2 - Cash Flow and Forecasting Confidence
Week 3 - Financial Statement Confidence
Week 4 - Balance Sheet Confidence
Week 5 - Pricing Confidence
Week 6 - Financial EQ: Emotional Quotient

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Next session kicks off early 2024.

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Join the Community of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs

 Take the first step towards prioritizing the financial health of your business and join the community of women entrepreneurs who are mastering their financials, appreciating their numbers, and building confidence in their financial acumen. Sign up for the Know Your Numbers Course today!

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