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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does FinHive offer?
    Finhive’s mission is to build personal financial capability as a core strength of communities and SMEs. It provides CFO services to Startups related to cash flow analysis, budgeting, profit margin analysis, pricing strategies, and other financial topics. For communities, Finhive hosts training sessions for individuals covering a broad range of personal finance topics, including investing, financial health, and budgeting.
  • Who is the target audience for FinHive's CFO services?
    Finhive is exclusively focused on women entrepreneurs for business pre-revenue to $250K collaborative and emphatic approach. Focused on business owners understanding money management. Work with business owners in sorting out their personal from business expenses. We customize to clients needs.
  • How are the personal finance classes structured?
    Classes are structured as multi-session workshops that are delivered over several weeks. Classes can be in-person or virtual.
  • How can I register for a class?
    You can register for a class on FinHive's website by visiting the "Bookings" page and selecting the class you wish to attend.
  • What are the qualifications of the instructors for the classes?
    The main instructor, Sumeit Aggarwal, is an accomplished public speaker and trainer who has extensive experience in the financial industry. She is a Nearpod Certified Educator, an award-winning student engagement platform.
  • How much do the classes cost?
    The cost of the classes varies depending on the program and duration, please visit the Bookings page for more information.
  • What is the process for requesting CFO services?
    The process for requesting CFO services can be found on the "CFO Services" page on the Finhive's website.
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the team members providing CFO services?
    The team members providing CFO services have extensive qualifications and experience in the financial industry. Please visit the About Us section for detailed qualifications.
  • What is the format of the speaking engagements?
    The format of the speaking engagements vary depending on the event and audience, but typically include keynotes and workshops.
  • Are the services offered by FinHive limited to Massachusetts?
    No, Finhive's services are not limited to Massachusetts, it is open to all.
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