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Speaking Engagements

As part of its mission to provide accessible financial literacy education to women, youth, and small business owners, Finhive offers public speaking engagements on important financial topics. These speaking engagements are led by Co-Founder Sumeit Aggarwal, who is passionate about supporting women and young adults in business.

Speaking Engagement Format

Finhive’s presentations focus on various important aspects of financial health and literacy for individuals and businesses.


In our Taking Control of Your Financial Health workshop, we provide tools and strategies to help individuals become fiscally fit. We walk participants through a financial health framework that helps them determine their financial wellbeing and encourages them to communicate more openly about their finances with their family. By providing participants with this holistic approach to managing personal finances, we enable them to better manage their financial health throughout the year.

In our Financial Inclusion and Role of Financial Literacy presentation, we take a deep dive into the financial resources and Fintech tools available to support people of all financial backgrounds. We also discuss the role that financial literacy plays in making these resources available.
In our
Sustainability in Startups presentation, we discuss ways in which budding entrepreneurs can incorporate sustainability and social missions into their startups.
In addition to these main courses, Finhive has also presented on business finance issues, including profit, cash flow, and forecasting, with an emphasis on demystifying financial jargon. Additionally, Sumeit frequently presents on the gender wealth gap to support women in improving their financial futures.


Speaking Engagement Format

Finhive’s speaking engagements primarily take place in a classroom or conference setting. The presentation typically lasts 45 minutes, and it is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.
Sumeit has also spoken as a panelist in roundtable discussions, and she has served as a judge at business fairs and entrepreneurship competitions. These judging engagements typically last four to six hours and involve watching presentations, providing feedback, ranking competitors, and issuing awards.
Speaking engagements can be tailored to the interests and needs of a particular audience. Sumeit is also available for virtual speaking engagements through Zoom.

Get Started on Your Financial Journey Today

Finhive’s speaking engagements are tailored to individuals and business owners who are passionate about improving their financial literacy skills and overall financial health. Contact us today to learn more about Finhive’s personal and business finance presentations led by Sumeit Aggarwal.

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