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Financial Empowerment for Women


The gender investment gap between men and women is massive, amounting to $3.2 trillion dollars. So, why is it that men invest far more heavily than women do? Much of the reason stems from a lack of investment confidence, a problem that stretches back across generations.
Finhive is dedicated to fighting the gender investment gap by empowering women to make smart financial decisions through education, support and community. Our workshops, discussions, and financial series are designed to provide a solid educational foundation about different financial topics while providing women with specific tools and strategies to improve their financial health.

Finhive helps women at all stages of their financial journey. Our Women and Investing Series has three levels covering everything from the basics of investing to complex topics such as dividend strategies, S&P 500 sector analysis, active vs. passive investing, and more. Women who are new to investing are encouraged to start at the 101 level and work their way up through the 201 and 301 levels as their knowledge grows.
In addition to our Women and Investing Series, Finhive also offers workshops on other topics, such as taking control of your financial health, investing in cryptocurrencies, and investing during a recession.
Women don’t need to be left behind in the investment market. Now is the time to take control of your financial health by educating yourself on all of the opportunities available to you.


Upcoming Courses

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