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It's a Bird..It's a Plane...It's Jeff Bezos in a Rocket

I am sure most of us have heard that the world’s richest man will soon take an 11-minute flight in July. Bezos and his brother, along with a lucky third person who won the seat at an auction for $28 million, will be aboard the first human rocket Bezos’s space exploration company Blue Origin built. The reports are that Bezos has been a space enthusiast since childhood and his obsession with space led to Blue Origin's unprecedented spaceflight. Whatever we all think of Jeff Bezos and Amazon, it is incredible to think how his early passion is potentially going to democratize human spaceflight someday. That is often the lesson I share with the young minds that I have the privilege of teaching in my Entrepreneur's Kickstart virtual camp this summer. I might be biased, but I have seen some incredible ideas coming out of these camps. Some are big and bold like re-building the entire public transportation infrastructure in Massachusetts running on maglev. And, some ideas seek to solve immediate issues like Jeans Pockets for Girls to hold their cellphones - haven't you noticed how tiny those pockets are? Argh! Students love how their ideas develop over the week into a business plan with well laid-out description, finance, operations, marketing, funding plans and sometimes even a eye catching logo and on-brand company name. Remember, it's always more fun with friends. So share this newsletter with a friend and invite them to sign up for a summer program with us. With that, I hope you all enjoy a safe and open summer with potentially seeing your friends and family. I will share any world-changing ideas that come out of the classes, and who knows we might meet on a trip outside of the Earth's gravitational pull. [ICYMI] Thank you for successful start with the Women and Investing series this year. We will be back in the Fall for more workshops. In the meantime, keep practicing that investing muscle and download new material from the Member's Area on the website.

Full details of all programs also available on the website - Programs | Finhive

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