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February 2021

Let's face it, even if you didn't buy or sell GameStop or AMC lately, your investment values were still impacted by the market volatility caused by these stocks. And if you are a keen market watcher like us, it is highly likely that you were caught up in the news frenzy around these shares. But at least one market observer, Shark Tank’s Kevin O'Leary, does not think the crazy swings are all bad.“[Investors] are learning about the risks of the market. We forgot to educate them in high school so let them learn in the real world, which is even better,” he said on CNBC. So if you have a high schooler at home, be sure to introduce them to Finhive's Financial Adulting Toolkit. [ICYMI] Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on a panel hosted by the town of Wellesley and Babson College, Sustainable Wellesley Presents: Banking on Our Values. I enjoyed sharing my perspective with the community and was impressed by their insightful questions. I know this topic is close to heart for many of us as we have had many conversations in the W&I classes on investing our values. I hope to continue the conversation on this important topic. The recording link is available in this newsletter. [FREE] In other news, America Saves Week(ASW) kicks off later this month, This week long initiative starting February 22 brings together thousands of organizations and collectively we encourage our communities to focus on their financial wellness. Just like every year, Finhive is a proud participant of ASW. I hope you will join me for just 30 minutes each day to plan for your financial wellness. RSVP here

[Topical Discussion] Check out the upcoming workshop on investing in a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), a new phenomenon taking Wall Street by storm. By popular demand, we are offering a special 90-minute discussion on March 18 on the fundamentals of SPAC investing, and its potential risks and rewards.

Full details of all programs also available on the website - Programs | Finhive

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