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Fake or Real?

Fake or Real?

Wow, what a volatile start to the year for investors! If you managed to not pay attention to the stock market this year, congratulations…and I want to know your secret to Zen. To catch you up, the market is down 21% this year with similar drops in alternative assets like cryptocurrencies that were supposed to be countercyclical. That got me thinking about which investments are real, and which ones are potential fakes that will likely disappear soon.

So, here’s a quick quiz to see if you can spot the real vs. fake. Name one thing out of the following May activities that is not real: planning for summer camps, planning vacations, end of school year activities, anticipated graduations, May the 4th holiday, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, 529 Day, and Memorial Day. If you picked, May the 4th as your answer, you are missing the most important of holidays in the Universe. If you are not sure what that is, ask your Star Wars fan friends!

Coming back to more earthbound investing, this week I am teaching the third edition of my (nearly sold out) investing class on cryptocurrencies. Last night we had a robust discussion on if cryptos serve a legitimate need in society – alternative investments, technology platforms, or perhaps as the currency of the metaverse (I will leave the discussion of whether metaverse is real or not to another day).

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