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Founded by Sumeit Aggarwal, Finhive is a social enterprise dedicated towards providing educational services designed to build financial capability.  


We believe financial capability is a lifelong endeavor and a critical skill for personal success that requires mastery of financial education, behavior, and incentives. The best way to build this skill is face-to-face interaction with in-class instruction.


The best way for people to gain financial literacy is via personal instruction in a face-to-face manner. Attendees learn from the lecture and from their peers in the room. Therefore, we have created a series of workshops, courses, webinars, and in-person consultations to help build the community's understanding of personal finance. 


Financial literacy is about living a confident and intentional financial life. Managing personal finances is central to a meaningful adult experience in today's world. Setting the right financial goals, making a good financial plan, and achieving them on time is key to better personal and financial life. At Finhive, we strive to build financially educated communities by teaching a set of skills and behaviors that individuals and families need to reach their personal, family, and community 
financial goals.

What's the Buzz from FINHIVE?


We really enjoyed being at the sessions and participating in them. The hands on activity was a hit for both parent and child. We loved the analogy of some financial concepts to real world things. It was a good way to relate to and remember the concepts. 

Participant, Barter to Bitcoin 

I like the framework and approach - it has been helpful in reviewing our spending from last year and changes we could make going forward.

On Finhive Framework

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I certainly got what I was looking for.  

Participant, Basics of Personal Finance and Budgeting for Success 

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