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BizTip: Managing Marketing Messages

Show of hands - you are in the middle of categorizing in Quickbooks and half of your screen is taken up by "Message" - you look up only to find out that it's another attempt to get you to buy an upgrade. You can't get your screen real estate back until you click on the X. Sound familiar? I go through this with a lot of my clients, and they often click X and move on, only to get to the next page and the next page. So, I put together this post that list in 5-simple steps, how to turn off those annoying marketing messages.

Step 1 - Click on the gear box on the top right corner and navigate to Account and Settings.

Step 2 - Click on Marketing Preferences on the bottom of the Account and Settings screen.

Step 3 - Click on Data Privacy

Step 4 - Click on Quickbooks View link

Step 5 - And Viola! this is where they are all hiding. Go ahead and change your preferences one by one as you would like or unsubscribe from them all.

Drop me a line if you get stuck or book a free-consult today and I would be happy to walk you through.

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