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BizTip: Auto numbering Journal Entries

Ever stuck in a process in Quickbooks where every time you have to create a new JE, you first start with numbering it manually? By default, QB numbering is automatic and all numbers. However, if you and your bookkeeper decide that you need a more customized version such as a number-XXX (XXX being custom), then every JE will have that custom numbering.

Here's what Quickbooks has to say regarding numbering Journal Entries. You can create custom numbering such as changing it from just numbers to alpha numeric. However, in order to remove the custom numbering, make sure the check box (see image # 3 below) is checked to catch for duplicate numbers.

Here's how to navigate the change:

Step 1: Log on to QB. Top left corner, click on New --> Journal Entry

Step 2 - Click on the gear box on the top right corner.

Step 3 - Make sure the checkbox below is checked.

Next time you create a JE, the auto-numbering should kick in. Isn't that great? One less process to think about.

Drop me a line if you get stuck or book a free-consult today and I would be happy to walk you through.

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