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Summer Wrap up

Just like the shrinking levels of rivers and reservoirs in the New England area, this summer the stock market has seen a series of lows and even more lows. Two weeks ago, S&P 500 made a valiant effort to recover some of its earlier losses, but this week the uptrend broke, and the market is down 15%. How long will this volatility last until we settle back into a steady upward swing? No one can predict that with any level of certainty. It is clear however that those of us who left their portfolio alone (hopefully to join the long lines of people wherever they went this summer) have recovered some of what was lost in the Spring. We hope our message in the classes of “time in the market, not timing the market” helped you stay the course according to your investment objectives.

Here at Finhive, we have been busy this summer redesigning the website. You can now choose your own adventure. Don’t forget all workshop material is always at your fingertips and now you can access it easily from the Home Page.

Finally, hope you are able to enjoy the final few weekends of summer whether it’s one more dip in the pool, one more BBQ with friends, one more bite at that juicy watermelon or one more finishing up back-to-school shopping trip.


[Action Items for September]

Time for a quarterly review of your finances and investments

When is a good time to review finances and investments?

- Once every three months (quarter) is what the experts say

Important Dates for September

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