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Metrics and Milestones

There is a window across from my home office overlooking the front yard. From that window, I get a glimpse of our butterfly bush and its fragrant deep purple flowers. Each year around this time, I eagerly wait for the many butterflies and hummingbirds that stop by for its nectar. That is a milestone that makes it an official middle of summer for me. I am sure many butterflies, hummingbirds and even bees come to it when I am not looking. But it's not until I have spotted them that I get excited about the season and also anxious that it might be passing by too quickly.

It's not just halfway through the summer, it's also halfway through the year. Whether you have your own milestones or follow the calendar (see July reminders below), it's important to commemorate them, acknowledge them and aim for new ones. Some of you may be starting new jobs, planning to drop off kids to colleges or just trying to make as many trips as possible to the beach, this is a great time to check off achievements to-date and look ahead to hitting new milestones.

[Don't Miss] Our summer camps are in full swing, and we are excited to announce a new partner. EnrichedHQ ( is a marketplace of life skills programs for kids grades 4+. Think Masterclass but for juniors. It's a single hub for families to find, book, and manage enrichment programs that better prepare kids for life. EnrichedHQ works with corporations. So, head on over to your HR department to have this wonderful benefit added to your workplace.


[Action Items for July]

Time to get your free credit report (

Did you know that you get 3 free credit reports per year? Pro-Tip: Get them one at a time, so you can stay on top of the credit activity.

Halfway through the year. Have you identified your favorite charities for this year?

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