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Tax Deadline and The Much Anticipated Reopening

Tax deadline is tomorrow. If you filed them already, you are in good company. A third of Americans file taxes at the last minute. As warm weather sets in and more folks get vaccinated, I am looking forward to seeing friends and family. How about you? What does it mean for your finances? All those vacations we didn't take and all those experiences we couldn't get to last year are starting to remind us to plan and bring back some normalcy. Make sure to plan wisely for those trips. Prices are rising for travel - hotels, airline tickets, car rentals. If you own reopening stocks - you might want to start thinking about your exit strategy. What is that you ask? That is the topic for our June event. Stay tuned for more information on how to get access. May is also a great time to assess your college savings plans. Talk to your advisor, Get educated yourself. We have a wonderful event coming up to talk about best way to assess college savings plan progress. [Don't Miss] May also brings a reminder to assess progress on your college savings plan. Join us on May 27th for an insightful discussion on investing in 529 plans.

Full details of all programs also available on the website - Programs | Finhive

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