Know Your Numbers

We are activating a community of women entrepreneurs focused on their most pressing business finance issues. We are calling it Bizhive, where we can all share our issues and learn from each other’s experience. Membership to Bizhive is by invitation-only and there is no financial obligation. It’s a safe space to join and learn what all the numbers and financial jargon mean. Numbers are talking…are you listening?

Join us at BizHive where we discuss all this and much more.

Held virtually.

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By invitation only.

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Know Your Numbers session
November 15th, 2021
2 pm ET


  • Our vision is for every woman business owner to achieve the full potential of their venture

  • Our mission is to prioritize financial health of your business as foundational to the achievement of long-term success

  • The community will meet once a month

  • We will start each meeting with conversation about a relevant topic and build on it throughout the discussion

  • We will build a pipeline of future topics through community input

  • No financial obligation to participate

  • To maintain an open conversation, we will limit the group size to a maximum of 15 and ask that you respect the privacy of other members’ business finances

  • Community values:

    • Respect

    • Support

    • Sharing and Social Learning